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Producing Digital Photographs With a Compact Digital Camer


This course covers every step in producing excellent clinical photographs for dentistry and orthodontics using a Digital Camera. It includes:

  • Criteria of each of 9 views in a series including the Close-up of the Smile

  • Detailed steps in

    • Camera preparation

    • Positioning the camera

    • Preparing and positioning the patient

    • Selecting and holding retractors

    • Selecting and positioning mirrors for buccal and occlusal shots

    • Framing the shot

    • Focusing the shot


This course uses the Sony TX-series for illustrative purposes however, the procedures taught in this course are applicable to producing photographs using other camera models.


This course was written by Dr. Rebecca Poling, orthodontist and faculty at the New York College of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics, New York City, New York.


This course was originally released in 2007 and updated in 2014. It will expire in 2017. The author(s) of this course have no relationships that may create a conflict of interest with the content of it. No images in this course have been altered to misrepresent treatment outcomes.








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