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1-Summary 2-Objectives 3-Table of Contents 4-Checklists
5-Pretest 6-INSTRUCTION 7-Post-test 8-Interaction

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The Retie Appointment Course


This course covers each step of a standardized system of performing a Retie Appointment. It is intended for the advanced orthodontic assistant who has been trained in:

–                      Medical history review

–                      Dental history review

–                      Common pharmaceuticals

–                      Growth assessment

–                      Extraoral assessment of the patient

–                      Intraoral assessment of the patient including examination of the

         o Occlusion and changes produced by orthodontic treatment

         o Periodontium

         o Tissues for abnormal pathology

         o Panoramic radiograph

–                      Assessment of the patient’s oral hygiene

         o Giving effective oral hygiene instructions when needed

         o Communicating with the parents and dentist about oral hygiene

–                      Evaluation of headgear effectiveness

         o Design of headgear for desired results

         o Compliance

         o Fit and adjustment of headgear

         o Measurement of effectiveness of headgear in millimeters

–                      Evaluation of elastics’ effectiveness

         o Different elastics protocols for specific results

         o Assessment of proper protocol for a specific patient

         o Compliance

         o Adjustment of elastics for improved results

         o Measurement of effectiveness of elastics in millimeters

–                      Evaluation of archwires

         o Wires associated with different phases of treatment

         o Wire length and causes of changes in wire length

         o Wire engagement

         o Wire expression

–                      Precise retie procedures and mechanics


This course defines steps for the advanced orthodontic assistant to give a summary of the patient’s status to the doctor, propose treatment procedures to advance the patient’s treatment progress, and to receive instructions from the doctor regarding what should be completed.


The orthodontic assistant is capable of performing all procedures, making complete treatment notes in the patient’s treatment record, communicating with the patient’s parents and dentist, communicating with the Scheduling Coordinator regarding the next appointment, and preparing for the next patient.


This course was a collaboration among several experienced orthodontic assistants including Terri Young, BS, RDH, and Lisa Urban, both from Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Rebecca Poling was the Editor for the collaboration.


This course was originally released in 2007 and was updated in 2014. It will then expire in 2017. The author(s) of this course have no relationships that may create a conflict of interest with the content of it. No images in this course have been altered to misrepresent treatment outcomes.






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