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5-Pretest 6-INSTRUCTION 7-Post-test 8-Interaction



Chapter 5-Cephalometric Measures


This chapter trains the individual to precisely identify landmarks used in 40 common measures and to then calculate the measurement. The individual is also taught to understand the meaning of the measurement and use it in the analysis of a cephalometric headfilm. The 40 commonly-used measurements covered in this course analyze the following anatomical relationships:

  • Mandible to Cranium

  • Maxilla to Cranium

  • Mandible to Maxilla

  • Mandibular Denture to Maxillary Denture

  • Mandibular Incisor Position

  • Maxillary Incisor Position

  • Chin Button

  • Facial Proportions

  • Facial Pattern

This course was a collaboration between Dr. Robert Little, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Department of Orthodontics, Seattle, Washington and Dr. Rebecca Poling of Anchorage, Alaska, who was the Editor for the collaboration. Dr. Michael Fey, Professor, University of Washington, Department of Orthodontics, provided photography for the chapter on Landmarks and contributed to the chapter on Superimposition.


This course was originally released in 2007 and was updated in 2014. It will then expire in 2017. The author(s) of this course have no relationships that may create a conflict of interest with the content of it. No images in this course have been altered to misrepresent treatment outcomes.






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