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1-Summary 2-Objectives 3-Table of Contents 4-Checklist
5-Pretest 6-INSTRUCTION 7-Post-test 8-Interaction



Basic Oral Hygiene For Patients is used to quickly teach patients about taking care of their mouths with and without braces. It can be used to teach only one section such as oral hygiene with braces (5 minutes) or to teach the adolescent about decalcification, gum disease, and brushing and flossing (14 minutes).


The patient can view the presentation alone or with the help of a staff member. Each section has interactive quizzes where the learner can check his or her understanding. At the end of the course there are post-tests, one for patients with braces, and one for patients without braces. The results of this test can be printed.


All staff members should be familiar with the concepts taught in this program so that the full team can give the same message to patients about oral hygiene methods.


If you want to link Basic Oral Hygiene Online to your website please follow the instructions on the ITI website.


This course was written with the help of members of the Alaska State Dental Hygiene Association. The editor for the course content was Dr. Rebecca Poling.


This course was originally released in 2007 and was updated in 2014. It will then expire in 2017. The author(s) of this course have no relationships that may create a conflict of interest with the content of it. No images in this course have been altered to misrepresent treatment outcomes.


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