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Orthodontists, save time and money. Use ITI courses to give the didactic lectures to your assistants for your Orthodontic Assistant Permit Course. Here's how... (view tutorials)

  • The orthodontist and each orthodontic assistant student register for a 1-year subscription to ITI Courses for only $99 each. This subscription is to ALL ITI courses.

  • The orthodontist's account is listed as the "Supervisor" on all assistant student accounts.

  • The orthodontist sets up the "Knowledge Profile" of each assistant student to complete the following courses:


 105.01 Orthodontic Banding


 106.00 Bonding: Introduction


 106.01 Bonding: Brackets


 106.02 Bonding: Preparing Teeth For Bonding


 106.03 Bonding: Materials


 106.04 Bonding: Bracket Placement


 106.08 Bonding: Bracket Positioning


 106.05 Bonding: Difficult Areas, Troubleshooting, Rebonding


 106.06 Bonding: Special Surfaces


 107.01 Orthodontic Wire Basics


 107.02 Initial Wire Insertion


 112.02 Finishing: Marking finishing wires


 112.06 Finishing: Inserting finishing wires


 110.00 Orthodontic Debanding


  • Assistant students complete courses by taking pretests, course viewing and learning online, and passing course post-tests. When assistant students pass a post-test at the 70% level, a CE certificate is generated and a record of the activity is recorded in the Course Summary Report.

  • The orthodontist Supervisor can track assistant student progress by accessing each student's Course Summary Report.

  • The Course Summary Report can be printed and used as documentation for completion of the didactic portion of the OAP course.


Call ITI at 877 872 4611 and speak with Dr. Rebecca Poling for more details.





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