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Checklists, Practice Management Forms, and Spreadsheet Programs


  • Checklists

    • Product Checklists set the standard for a product such as photographs

    • Performance Checklists set the standard for performing a procedure

    • ITI checklists reflect the same standards taught in ITI courses

    • Checklists for each procedure

    • Easily transfer knowledge to the clinic floor


 007 orb ai product checklist 08  006 orb npe checklist 08
  • Practice Management Forms

    • Forms provided for all procedures taught in ITI courses
    • Sample forms for the New Patient Exam
      • Patient Intake form and script
      • New Patient Exam form
      • Letter templates
        • Welcome to the Practice 
        • Time for Records
        • Fee Summary Sheet
    • Train The Trainer forms also include
      • Job Descriptions
      • Learning Style Profile Analysis
      • Checking references checklist







  • Spreadsheet Programs
    • Bracket Failure Percentage Calculator

    • Loose Bracket Costs Calculator

    • Special Appointments Log And Analysis

    • Bolton Analysis

    • Arch Length Analysis

    • And many others



001 forms etc sap log





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