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 Basic Oral Hygiene Course For Patients 


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 Basic Oral Hygiene For Patients Course

  • Use to teach patients how to have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime
    • For anyone over 10 years of age
    • For patients with or without braces
    • Can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient
      • Teach only one section such as oral hygiene with braces (5 minutes)
      • Or use the entire program to teach an adolescent about decalcification, decay and sugar, gum disease, brushing and flossing (14 minutes)
    • Can be used as part of an effective Oral Hygiene Program in a practice using a "script"



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  • Pretest
    • Assesses current knowledge so learning can be focused
    • Can be skipped

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  •  Uses short interactive quizzes for feedback on learning
    • Quizzes can be skipped
    • Quizzes provide feedback on learning objectives of the section
    • Quiz questions repeated on post-test 




  • Post-test
    • One post-test for individuals without braces and another for patients with braces
    • 10 questions on each post-test all taken from the interactive quizzes
    • Name of test taker can be added to completed post-test and then post-test results can be printed
      • For use in a school where a class learns the online course
      • For the individual to print and hand in to the treating doctor for a prize
      • For a child to give to parent to document learning




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  • History 
    • First used in 54 elementary schools in the Anchorage School District in 1980s to teach oral hygiene concepts to all second grade students
    • In 2000 course was translated into Spanish and Japanese and produced on a CD
    • In 2001 course was revised with the help of 100 practicing dental hygienists who were members of the Alaska State Dental Hygiene Association
    • In 2002 the course won an award from the American Dental Educators Association Technology Competition 
    • In 2005 course was republished with pretest and post-test
    • In 2006 interactive quizzes were added
    • In 2007 course was republished on CD for retail sales
    • In 2008 couse was published on the Internet for free access to users around the world
    • 2009 BOH course is available for publishing on individual and public websites for free
    • No commercial support was used in any phase of the development or publishing this course

Script to use when teaching BOH

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