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Why should I do this?


You can expect to have an extremely effective practice, with high efficiency, low waste, low stress, defined team positions and functions, delivery of the highest quality of treatment, and financial success.


Using these systems, Dr. Rebecca Poling saw patients 144 days per year and had a 7 figure practice with a 55% overhead. She used the principles of Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Guru, to set up systems for an orthodontic practice. She consulted with successful orthodontists, manufactures, educators, consultants, and the orthodontic literature for over 20 years in developing these systems and training. With ITI Training, Dr. Poling shares with you and your team everything you need to know to implement similar systems in your own practice.

 Immediate returns on your investment:

  • Train in practice systems for increased efficiency
    • Courses train in proven systems

    • Can be learned by all members of the team at different times

    • Learning is easy and fun for staff without worry about failure

    • Actual learning is documented by post-tests

    • Easy implementation because all practice forms are provided

    • Checklists assure uniform performance of procedures

  • Eliminate expensive travel

    • Save a $1000/day per team member

      • Travel, hotel, meals, per diem, pay for the day, registration, and social functions

    • Save time away from the office

    • Save time away from home

    • Train during slow time, maximize efficiency

    • No team stress from attending meetings where team conflict might arise

  • Decrease waste and Go Green

    • No tossed bands and brackets

    • No wires cut improperly
    • No unacceptable photographs
    • No ill-fitting appliances
    • No distorted impressions
  • Use ITI Training that is organized into a System of its own

  • Eliminate team stress and boost team confidence

Case Study: Long term savings from reduced bracket failure rate


This case study may be difficult to believe, but it is totally true! If you have a problem with loose brackets, it is costing you stress, embarassment, and a lot of money!


ITI Training, through our 8 detailed courses in Bonding, will teach you and your team how to completely eliminate bond failures. It will take about a month for you and your team to take all of these courses and implement the changes in your systems.

Case Study:

The average cost of replacing a broken bracket is estimated to be $150**:

  • Chair time for initial placement
  • Patient frustration of calling and scheduling a repair
  • Loss of patient confidence in the practice
  • Scheduling Coordinator time in making an "Emergency Appointment"
  • Patient travel time
  • Patient seating time
  • Replacing the bracket time  and reinserting the wire
  • Sterilization of materials used to replace the bracket
  • Employee time and wages

It has been estimated that 25-30% of all brackets come loose at some point during the course of patient treatment**.


Calculate the potential monthly loss:

  • Start 15 cases per month
  • 28 brackets per case
  • Place 420 brackets per month
  • Failure rate of 25%
  • Results in 105 loose brackets per month
  • At $150/per bracket (x 105 loose brackets)
  • = $15,750 per month increased expense!

Eliminate this one expense with ITI Training:

  • ITI trained employees know how to place brackets well
  • Reduce rate to less than 5%
  • Above example, 21 loose brackets
  • $3,150 expense
  • Increased practice profit of $12,600/month ($151,200/year)
  • Also boost patient confidence, team morale, and personal pride


Why should you believe this?

How can training really impact your broken bracket percentage?


ITI Bonding Courses teach every detail of a proven system of bonding:

  • Bracket design features that improve bonding success
  • Bonding enhancers
  • Use of sealants to eliminate gingival seepage
  • Use of adhesives for effective bonding to molars
  • Isolation for bonding second molar to second molar
  • Preparing teeth with variable etching times for different teeth
  • Placing brackets minimizing contamination
  • Positioning brackets with results similar to indirect bonding
  • Light curing for enhanced attachment
  • Bracket Failure Percentage Calculator Program
  • To determine thr current percentage and the causes of bracket failure
  • Focuses training on the problem
  • Remeasure before and after training


  • Improved team morale
  • Enhanced practice image
  • Increased patient confidence
  • A definite increase to the bottom line each month!

And those are just the results from the ITI Bonding Courses....



  • $150 - Cost to replace a
    broken bracket
  • 25-30% of brackets come lose
    in an average orthodontic practice
  • <5% - of brackets come lose in
    an practice.
  • $151,200/year cost savings














**Dr. Rand Bennet, Clinical Impressions by Ormco of Sybron Corporation



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