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How does the ITI Knowledge Management System work? Watch the tutorials about setting up a Supervisor and Viewing Reports:

Quick tutorials about using ITI Courses...


ITI Courses is proud to offer a comprehensive Knowledge Management System allowing Supervisors to assign courses, view progress reports, and monitor accountability.


Define Supervisor Relationships

The first step in using the ITI Knowledge Management System is to setup Supervisor relationships. This feature allows a doctor, school faculty, or trainer to set the courses a User will take in the Knowledge Profile and then access Reports on that User's progress in completing courses.


The Usernames of Supervisors are entered into the Supervisor Field when a User registers for an account. Supervisor Usernames can also be added after Registration by logging into the account and then clicking on the Account Tab, logging in, and clicking "Modify Details" and Adding a Supervisor. The Supervisor Username must be entered exactly as it was created. Multiple Supervisors should be separated by a comma.


Where can I find the Supervisor Field?

How to add a Supervisor to an account?




Define Knowledge Profiles

The next step is to define the Knowledge Profile for the User. This may be done by the User or by the Supervisor.


The User must do the following:

  • Log into the ITI Courses Online Account
  • Click the Evaluate Tab
  • Click on the link Set Knowledge Profile
  • Click "Yes" for those courses the User wants to complete
  • Weights will be calculated automatically for those users preparing for exams
  • Click "Save Profile"
  • When the User clicks on the Home Tab a list of the assigned courses will be displayed
  • As the User completes each course, the course is removed from the list on the Home page

A Supervisor has access to User Accounts from his/her Supervisor Account and can set the Knowledge Profile of a User. This is useful for faculty supervising several students, doctors supervising several staff members, or trainers supervising several users.


For more precise measuring, "weights" can be added to courses defining the importance of each course to an employee's overall knowledge.


For advanced users, the "weights" allow a doctor or supervisor to fine tune measurement of knowledge by adjusting for full-time and part-time employees.



Knowledge Management Reports

Users and Supervisors have access to several reports:

  1. Certificates Report lists all certificates a User has earned and allows the user to Print each one
  2. Knowledge Profile Summary Report lists the pretest scores, post-test scores, CE Credits earned, and Print Certificates links for all courses assigned in the Knowledge Profile
  3. All Course Summary Report lists the pretest scores, post-test scores, CE Credits earned, and Print Certificates for all ITI Courses
  4. Reports are also available on all Users or a single User or on a single course or All Courses
  5. The Date Range filter is not active at this time





Analyze Knowledge Levels

The Knowledge Management System also allows charting Knowledge Levels for each User, for all of the Users of the practice, and for each course.


The Historical timeline allows a Supervisor to monitor knowledge improvement over time.





Find Knowledge Gaps and Areas Needing Improvement

The drop down menus allow a Supervisor to find knowledge gaps and areas of knowledge improvement by all users in the practice or for individual users.


For example, if a doctor is noticing increased bond failures, the knowledge management feature allows him or her to identify Users who have not completed relevant courses to locate the source of the problem. Once individuals are identified who need training, specific courses can be assigned in the Knowledge Profile, checklists and forms could be used to solve the problem.

Progress then again can be monitored using the knowledge management features.








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