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Robert Boyd"This is truly an outstanding educational program that Dr. Poling has worked tirelessly to develop over many years from her extensive experience in teaching staff and doctors. The ITI training modules helped our residents and staff learn better methods for clinical record taking and for achievement of improved treatment outcomes. With Dr. Poling's high quality teaching materials and expertise, our residents and staff efficiently mastered these training modules so that they now can successfully perform all of the skills on a day to day basis in order for our patients to receive a higher level of care with much improved clinical documentation."

Dr. Robert Boyd
Chairman Department of Orthodontics, Art Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, San Francisco, California




drgray"I am a Board Certified orthodontist in California with 20 employees.. We are busy doing, doing, and doing. In the past we have had very little time for high level, focused training and certification for competency in orthodontic clinical procedures.

I am very much a systems kind of person. To my frustration, our way around clinical training problems included hiring experienced people and running them through areas of clinical practice observing, then doing. There was no way to measure a person's success, except to watch them do something they learned and become competent in it over time. I also could not measure what they did not know . I am sure every orthodontist has experienced bewilderment at times when you discover an assistant who for years has worked side-by-side with you and you suddenly find out that they were doing something right, but their understanding of why they were doing it, or what they were doing was not what you thought they knew.

I want each member of my clinical staff to understand how, when, why we do the things we do at a level of understanding and competency that I can trust empirically, and I want to know what they know and know what they don't know in order to help them achieve more. Then, I can bring in new clinical staff and give them the same training so that by the time the new person is ready to work on patients, they and I know what they know. They know what my other staff knows. They can ask intelligent questions, and know where to look for the right answers. They also have a source for review and refocus if they are not grasping something vital to their usefulness in my practice.

The end result is less stress for me, my staff, and most importantly, the new hire. Quality of patient care goes up. Job satisfaction and the reward for achieving competency in a shorter amount of time, pay huge dividends to the practice and all concerned.

We have found that ITI Training materials are easy to access and use. Dr. Poling is a natural teacher and has a very pious love for what she has created and continues to create. I am always looking forward to her next training modules. They are deeply thought out and very thorough.

My staff found the materials to be challenging at first, but when they realized from their personal experience in going through the material, that I was right about what I know that they don't know. They get it and almost all of them have completed the modules. Their clinical questions are more meaningful (less dumb questions). Their day-to-day quality is better. I can say that not only are my assistants RDA's, but they are trained and certified in clinical orthodontic procedures. That is a quality assurance issue that is at the top of our priorities here in my practice."

Dr. Joe Gray

Orthodontist, Upland, California



drdonaldson“The ITI Training Modules on CD-ROM are thorough, easy to understand, and well done. We have used them in our busy practice for training clinical and administrative team members. Thanks for creating a great tool for helping our practice improve in many critical areas."

Dr. Buddy Donaldson, Jr.
Donaldson Orthodontics
Broussard, Louisana




“We are extremely impressed with the thoroughness, accuracy and quality of the training programs developed by Dr. Poling and the International Training Institute. For example, the outstanding graphics and visual content of the Orthodontic Bonding course, combined with its detailed and comprehensive text, are a “must see” for anyone who wants to improve the efficiency and productivity of their bonding procedures in their practice. Dr. Poling’s understanding of the problems encountered by orthodontic and dental clinicians is obvious. We highly recommend considering ITI as a training resource in your practice.”

Charlie Mozeko
Product Manager
Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.



“After watching the Basic Oral Hygiene for Patients Module I found the movies and videos to be a great learning and reviewing tool. They are easy to understand and follow. I like that patients and clinicians can understand and follow the videos. This module would be a great tool for dental hygiene students in learning about and teaching patients about oral hygiene. Even though I have studied and used some of the methods on the video, it helped to see where I could improve my techniques.”

Katie Morley
Senior Dental Hygiene Student
University of Alaska, Anchorage




"I am an International student who has little experience in ortho. This course helped me to learn the basic things that I would feel shy to ask about in front of a patient like how do I take photographs, or how does this bracket look.... We had the course at the right time, just before we started seeing patients. It gave us the opportunity to practice on each other and not have to have the first experience with the patient. It really did give us the road map. Thank you so much, Dr. Poling! "
Dr. Amal Kharbouch, Morocco



"This was really a fabulous training program to me. Everything happened in the clinic. Dr. Poling described so much detail and gave us good opinion to make my skill more efficient . This will be an unforgetable experience. I hope I can join the program again and again because so much information in this program. I am so touched that Dr. Poling was willing to share her valuable experience with me. Thank you so much."
Dr. Whitney Huang, Taiwan, China



gorton"The ITI Training classes have had a dramatic impact in our orthodontic practice, which resulted in higher efficiencies and reduced patient emergencies. The training modules are high quality, the 24/7 online availability is conveniant to the staff." We were so happy with the product that we even purchased a subscription for our local dental assisting school program."




img_danette“I am one of two Treatment Coordinators for a busy orthodontic office. One of my duties for this position is taking the new patient photos. A few of my photos needed some improving. I took the Photography Production Post-test given online by ITI and did not pass. I went back and watched the module on production of photographs and then passed the post-test. Reviewing sections of the module was very informative even though we use a different camera than those used in the module. It gave lots of information that can be used with different cameras and situations. I feel strongly that this module and testing will help me take excellent photos in the future.”

Danette Robinson
Treatment Coordinator
Office of Dr. Jeff Symonds
Anchorage, Alaska



“I utilized the ITI module for Debanding/Debonding training in my office. There are various training modules associated with different concepts. Each module is loaded onto a computer, and then assistants or office staff go through a series of interactive questions and answers on a particular topic. Following completion of the module, there are online post-tests, and certificates of completion given.

In our experience, it was an excellent method of providing a standardized method for training in the area of Debanding/Debonding. I particularly liked the post-test, as it insured at least a minimum level of proficiency before the certificate is granted.

Dr. Poling has done a tremendous amount of work on this project, and is very conscientious about the results of her efforts, and the impact that it would have on those that utilize the program.

Dr. John K., Idaho



"I have received and used for training the ITI Training Modules which I purchased at AAO in San Francisco. Every orthodontic office in America should have these in the office and available to use for ongoing staff training. They are worth every penny I paid and far more. Training is an ongoing process in any good office and change of employees means it must be done constantly so that everyone is 'up to speed.' I could do the training myself but would not have the visual aids and systems made available by these CDs. We have always figured that it takes at least 6 months to train a new employee and this training tool has cut that to a fraction of the time. I am very thankful that you have made these wonderful training tools available to us. What an incredible efficiency maker and time saver!"

Dr. David M. Gobeille
Bend, Oregon



“Hi Dr. Poling!

Training is going great. The new girls are really excelling because of the modules.

I have enjoyed watching the modules myself. I am most impressed with how detailed the post-tests are. The new employees we are training have quickly learned that you cannot just watch the modules and pass the test, but that the questions are very detailed and extensive note taking is required. They really know their stuff before attempting the post-test.

Thanks for all your help!

Lori (Practice Trainer for the office of Dr. Ricky C., Louisiana)”




"The ITI training modules have been a great educational experience for our residents. For the past two years, our incoming residents have taken the Orthodontic Resident Basics Course given by Dr. Rebecca Poling. This course has served as the foundation for the full curriculum and has enabled the residents to enter the clinic and treat their first orthodontic patients with confidence. The use of multimedia training has been especially impressive, and it has enabled the residents to learn orthodontic concepts much more efficiently to a very high standard in a whole new way."

Dr. Maureen Valley
Clinic Director
Department of Orthodontics, Art Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, San Francisco, California




krumholtz“Just a note to compliment you on your most excellent orthodontic staff education series. The material was presented appropriately with outstanding illustrations. At our last office training day, we used your Orthodontic Bonding Module (approximately for 3-4 hours) to totally reorganize our bonding procedures. I found it to be the most excellent source of fine tuning for this critical procedure in orthodontic practices. My staff and I enjoyed this module and found it greatly facilitated our training with the outstanding illustrations and your descriptive analysis along with the photographs, video, and detailed checklists. Your training sets the 'Gold Standard' for performance of procedures!

Thank you for your most excellent work. We are very much in appreciation of the outstanding effort I know it took to create such a fine tool."

Dr. Jim Krumholtz
Boca Raton, Florida




"Great experience. Great teacher. Few doctors do it with heart. Great patience! Thank you."
Dr. Sara Bigagli, Italy



park"It was a great chance for me to review all the basic procedures used in orthodontics. I was surprised at the well prepared modules. Dr. Poling gave us excellent lectures and I really appreciated her efforts and kindness to present to us more advanced information on orthodontics. Thank you very much."
Dr. Jae Hyun Park, Korea





"Very useful and precise! Time was too short. Good experience to be a patient. Good experience because I never had braces. I got a lot of information and was surprised how you covered all the things which an orthodontist needs to handle in such a short lecture. You put all the experience of a whole orthodontic life into one week. GREAT! I felt that I was understood with all of my questions. The post-tests were very important to check my knowledge and I learned by doing the tests again. Thank you very much for your great work, Dr. Poling! "
Dr. Arash Jatari, Germany and Monte Carlo




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